A label specialized in Trance in wathever of its substyles and also acepting other kinds of Electronic Music as Chill Out or Progressive House.


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TMM057 (Patrick Mayers - Andromeda)
TMM056 (Trances - Lost Days)
TMM055 (Miguel Angel Castellini & Jose Bumps - Give me one star tonigh
TMM054 (Sanani - Odyssey)
TMM053 (Alhena - Overload)
TMM052 (Sunday 9pm - Keep Your Dreams Alive EP)
TMM051 (Precious Affliction - Wholeness Stone)
TMM050 (Jose Bumps & Gayax - Here we are (Sunday 9pm Remixes))
TMM049 (Ahmed Walid - Life)
TMM048 (LTM - Binita)
TMM047 (Marco Mc Neil - Everywhere we go)
TMM046 (Aeron Komila - Fighting The Feeling)
TMM000 (Tecnomind - Trance is my life)
TMM045 (Sublitrance - Dimensionale)

Mindlifting Records


Our first label functioning since 2011.



 Currently not accepting Demos.

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Check our Releases here

MLB004 (Sampler 003)
MLR0170 (Nakhiya - Alpha Aurigae)
MLR0169 (Precious Affliction & Stayer X - Spartacus)
MLB003 (The Best of Tecnomind Music (Special 50 Releases))
MLR0168 (ToShuk - Instead Of Time)
MLR0167 (Masaru Hinaiji - A Season Of Nostalgia)
MLB002 (Sampler 002)
MLR0166 (Max Freedom - The Stranger)
MLR0165 (Alex Nomak & Miguel Angel Castellini - Revival)
MLR0164 (DJ Dani - Roses In Fire)
MLR0163 (Ahmed Walid - Infinity , Shining In A Dark Night)
MLR0162 (Shane Infinity - Last Destination)
MLR0161 (Calvin O'Commor - Together)
MLB001 (Sampler 001)