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CbasSlazr - Future Imperfect


We are proud to present our new signing for Mindlifting Records, his name is ‘CbasSlazr’, comes from Peru and is an amazing producer whom already has been supported by some of the most prestigious DJs of the Trance scene. The track that he sent to us, named ‘Future Imperfect’, is an absolute gem of the Trance Music and denotes the professionalism and talent that this artist possesses, and definitely is one of the biggest tracks that we will release in 2018, independently to the success that this could have. Also the Original is accompanied with a masterpiece of remix by another big producer, ‘Delta IV’, also stablished in the trance scene and for first time in Mindlifting. So, we give the welcome to both artist and remixer with this 100% recommended release that you can’t miss complete since is fully quality and strong Uplifting Trance. Enjoy it!


Release Date:

October 01, 2018

Dj XBoy feat. Sweet Ross - Tell me now


We bring you a new vocal trance tune and we are very glad to present it in Mindlifting Records, because we love this kind of tracks. This time is ‘Dj XBoy’, who previously released with us not much time ago, and this time join to ‘Sweet Ross’. She is a very professional singer that comes from Bilbao (Spain), and we are proud to give the welcome in Mindlifting Records as new artist. They made an awesome tune that combines beautiful voice with strong uplifting trance production. And the release includes 2 amazing remixes by other 2 new artists: ‘Francisco Echeverria Vs. Dela Rosa’ and ‘Max Ivanovsky’, each one made a really good work with their remixes and we give them the welcome to Mindlifting. Here is a 100% recommended release, so you can’t miss this complete. Enjoy it!


Release Date:

October 08, 2018

Matt Robertson - Distant Worlds


The new signing in Mindlifting Records is ‘Matt Robertson’, a young producer coming from United Kingdom. He is a newcomer in the Trance scene and we are glad to launch his first release, because is talented and capable to make really quality Uplifting Trance tracks. The track is named ‘Distant Worlds’ and sounds awesome, also is accompanied with a couple of great remixes by 2 amazing producers whom we are glad to present now as new in Mindlifing: ‘Eric Zimmer’ and ‘Victor Special’. Both made really good remixes, but the second one did for us 3 consecutive remixes which we will present each one in the next releases. In this release all are amazing tracks, so you can’t miss this complete. Enjoy it!


Release Date:

October 22, 2018

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Mindlifting Records born in 2011. In the begining, we was a label specialized in all kinds of Trance and other styles of Electronic Music, but now, we are 100% focused in Uplifting Trance sound.


Our first purpose is to make way for new and amateur producers into the scene, because we are aware that they are the future of this genre of Music, looking for the best quality into the possible.


We already worked with big producers recognized by the most prestigious DJs worldwide, but always trying to be humble and honest, and always looking to the future of Uplifting Trance.




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