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Sampler 003

01. Dj XBoy - Waiting for the answer (Original Mix)

02. Jarvith Bhaut Perz - Inspiration (Original Mix)

03. Kriztian Krooz Pres. Areia - Fly in the chords (Original Mix)

04. Matt DIADEMA - Nocturna (Extended Mix)

05. Ray - Solarised (Original Mix)

06. Rodri Santos - The Curse (Original Mix)



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  1. MLR0083 (Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov - You are Alone!)





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Mindlifting Records is a Project that born in 2011 to keep alive the real Trance sound essence. We can be proud to have brought for the first time to very great talents in this musical genre, many of them are currently at the top.

In actuality and due to the increasing, we have a sub label named ‘Mindlifting Bundles’, this is specialized in compilations with tracks by Various Artists.

Currently not accepting Demos.

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Coming Soon...

V.A. - Lifting Mood Trance

Now we are preparing our first compilation with tracks from third parts through Mindlifting Bundles, for the moment we have licensed tracks from 'Modern Fusion Music', 'Nustromo Music', 'Trance Temple Records'. By talented promises of the tracnce scene 'Matthias Bishop', 'MIXER-K', 'Sebastian Pawlica'. But the search just started... We will include much more.

New info soon

Stay tuned!