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Mindlifting Records born in 2011. In the begining, we was a label specialized in all kinds of Trance and other styles of Electronic Music, but now, we are 100% focused in Uplifting Trance sound.


Our first purpose is to make way for new and amateur producers into the scene, because we are aware that they are the future of this genre of Music, looking for the best quality into the possible.


We already worked with big producers recognized by the most prestigious DJs worldwide, but always trying to be humble and honest, and always looking to the future of Uplifting Trance.




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Independent Art - Memorable Moments EP


“Independent Art” is being one of the habitual in Mindlifting Records because we love the sound of his Uplifting Tracks. Also we are glad that he is one of the most successful artists of Mindlifting Records in principal stores. So, we are very proud to bring you now his latest Release, its name is “Memorable Moments EP”. This contains 3 new amazing tunes: “Flashback”, “Miles Away” and “Feeling Disorder”. All them are in the style of his previous tracks, with awesome melodies and really quality. So, you can’t miss this complete pack 100% recommendable, enjoy it!


Release Date:

January 22, 2018


Precious Affliction - Remember


We are always especially glad to present each one of the Releases from “Precious Affliction”, and the reason is that we really love their beautiful melodies and the quality of all that they do. Also we are pleased to say that they are between the most successful artists of Mindlifting Records. This time they bring one tune named “Remember” which totally fits with the style we love, very characteristic of their most strong Uplifting facet. So, here you have a Release that you can’t miss. Enjoy it!


Release Date:

January 29, 2018


Al Sebastian - Illuminator


We have a new talented artist in Mindlifting Records, his name is “Al Sebastian” and comes from Mexico. With some tracks released in other labels already made his place in the Trance scene and now we are pleased to bring you his last one, named: “Illuminator”. A quality Uplifting piece which totally fits with our style, we liked it a lot and surely you will like it too. Enjoy it!


Release Date:

February 05, 2018


Nicko - When She Leave


Now is the time to present the second Release of “Nicko”. With his previous work in Mindlifting Records, this talented artist has already made it clear to us that he is an amazing Trance Producer capable to make really beautiful melodies, and his productions are very quality and strong. So, we are very glad to bring you his new track named “When She Leave”. Following the same line, this is another masterpiece which must not go unnoticed. Enjoy it!


Release Date:

February 12, 2018




The Release Number 100 is here!!


And for celebrate it we launch a special release which will not be at stores, exclusively for


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  1. MLR0083 (Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov - You are Alone!)