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Special 150


The release number 150 of Mindlifting Records is here! And of course something special must come for this occasion. We announced in social networks that we would release a compilation with the best 10 tracks according to statistics + the 5 tracks more chosen by our followers, but the truth is that we have released a lot of quality material in the last 50. So, finally we decided to make a compilation with 20 tracks. We want thank to all the people who participated with their vote in the survey that we did for chose the tracks, this denotes a great acceptation for the label and we are really glad with this. Also, we are amazed of how many big producers are trusting us and sending their quality tracks, more and more DJs wants to join to our promo list and massive support in radio shows, also to much others supporting us since our beginning. This is amazing, and all that I can say is thank you very much! So, we have great expectations for the future, and we will keep offering our best for much time, not only in uplifting through Mindlifting, also with all trance styles on Tecnomind Music. And we are planning new ideas that we will reveal along this year. For now, here you have this massive compilation that you can’t miss complete. Enjoy it!


Release Date:

February 18, 2019

Nico Cranxx - Sunrise In Bogor City


We are pleased to present a newcomer artist in Mindlifting Records, ‘Nico Cranxx’. An Indonesian Trance DJ and Producer very talented who already released in some important labels, now we are proud to bring you one of his last tracks, named ‘Sunrise in Bogor City’. A tribute to his place of origin in the form of a strong uplifting trance tune, and this sounds really amazing. Definitely is a quality work, with beautiful breakdown and a great melody, so we love it and we are sure that you will love it too. Don’t miss this release and enjoy!


Release Date:

February 25, 2019

DJ Dani - Litany


We are pleased one more time to bring a new artist to Mindlifting Records; he is ‘DJ Dani’, DJ and producer from Poland. Currently counting with a lot of releases through different labels included some important ones in the music market. His productions sound quite professional and we are proud to present you one of his last tunes named ‘Litany’. It is a quality uplifting trance track with beautiful melody lines transmitting peace and an amazing breakdown, and definitely, we love it. So, we have great expectations for this track and we are totally sure that you will love it. Don’t miss this and enjoy!


Release Date:

March 04, 2019

Artifi - Peace Amoung Us

‘Artifi’ is an amazing producer from United Kingdom, and we already had the pleasure to present you one of his remixes, which also was featured in our compilation ‘The Best of the Last 50 Releases’. He also is a major artist in the trance scene with releases in important labels and supported by big DJs, and we are very proud to bring you now one of his original tracks, its name is ‘Peace Amoung Us’. It is a masterpiece in the form of an uplifting trance tune with a really beautiful melody transmitting good vibes, and we absolutely love it. Of course, we are sure that you will love it too, and has great expectative to be a top track. So, this is a 100% recommended release that you can’t miss. Enjoy it!

Release Date:

March 11, 2019

Victor Special - High Jump

‘Victor Special’, Ukrainian DJ and Producer with a long career, is already being one of our most important artists. He previously did some remixes that we presented you recently in Mindlifting Records, and now we are proud to bring you one of his last own productions, an amazing tune named ‘High Jump’. This is totally in the style of his previous works with us and we absolutely love it, also he did himself an amazing video that we are sharing in our youtube channel. The release comes with remixes by 2 big artists whom both also was featured in our last compilation ‘The Best of the Last 50 Releases’: ‘Airdream’ and ‘Calvin O'Commor’. And as expected, they did amazing works each one with their remix. So, here is again a 100% recommended release with 3 of our best artists, and of course, all is quality and you can’t miss the pack complete. Enjoy it!

Release Date:

March 18, 2019

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Mindlifting Records born in 2011. In the begining, we was a label specialized in all kinds of Trance and other styles of Electronic Music, but now, we are 100% focused in Uplifting Trance sound.


Our first purpose is to make way for new and amateur producers into the scene, because we are aware that they are the future of this genre of Music, looking for the best quality into the possible.


We already worked with big producers recognized by the most prestigious DJs worldwide, but always trying to be humble and honest, and always looking to the future of Uplifting Trance.




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