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Walid Adriano - Lost Stars / Spiritual Energy


We are pleased to present a new release of ‘Walid Adriano’. He already shown his talent with another original track and a remix through our labels, and now he brings us an ep with 2 new tunes totally in his style: ‘Lost Stars’ and ‘Spiritual Energy’. Both are strong with clean uplifting trance sound. The second one comes with a great remix by ‘Mousai Sound’, another talented trance producer that already worked with us. He offers a more melodic version of the track with an awesome breakdown. We loved the whole pack, so don’t miss this complete and enjoy it!


Release Date:

May 28, 2018

Nakhiya - Aureum Indigo


‘Nakhiya’ comes now to Tecnomind Music. He is a very talented producer with whom we had work some times in Mindlifting, and we are proud to present here his latest work. This is a trance track, named ‘Aureum Indigo’, with a magic and epic melody which we totally loved, and surely also you will love it. With this comes a strong remix purely uplifting from the hand of ‘Vivit’, who also worked with us previously, and we are very glad to introduce him in Tecnomind Music with this awesome and quality work. So, you can’t miss the complete pack, enjoy it!


Release Date:

June 11, 2018

DJ Deraven & Roy Corporation - Escape


We are proud to present in Tecnomind Music nothing less than the most successful artist in this moment of our other label Mindlifting Records, he is 'DJ Deraven'. This time he comes accompanied with 'Roy Corporation', and they brings us a tune taken from the tv series 'Anatomy of an Antihero', in which as maybe you know 'DJ Deraven' is the principal actor. The track is in 2 versions: 'Escape' and 'Escape Way to San Diego', the first one is a chill out version of a great quality and the second is trance in the style that this artist work with us usually. Also comes with an amazing uplifting remix by 'David Gate', who habitually works with us too and we are very proud to present now in Tecnomind Music. So, here you have a release replete of quality tracks which you can't miss full. Enjoy it!


Release Date:

June 25, 2018

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‘Tecnomind Music’ is an Electronic Music label specialized in Trance, founded in final 2013 by Jose Mª Jimenez, who have experience in this sector both as an artist and in the management of labels.


Although this project started with the sole aim of release tracks created by Tecnomind (the mentioned owner of it), now have the goal to feature other talented Artists in the Trance scene. Selecting the best quality tracks and driving them to the top.



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