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Tecnomind present Jose Bumps -

The world turns


As was recently announced, the new aka as producer for 'Tecnomind' is 'Jose Bumps'. And, from this moment on, 'Tecnomind Music' will be a label which will Release tracks by other artists of the Trance scene, instead to 'Tecnomind' tracks only. The first Release in this new stage of the label is named 'Tecnomind present Jose Bumps - The world turns' and is a strong Uplifting Trance tune coming with 2 awesome Remixes by: 'Miguel Angel Castellini' and 'Nicko'. Both are really quality works giving an emotional touch to the Original tune. So, here you have a very good Release and you can't miss the complete pack. Enjoy it!


Release Date:

April 30, 2018


GeorD - Hurricane


We are very glad to work with new artists in Tecnomind Music, and our first signing is 'GeorD', he comes from the Netherlands, and is a newcomer producer with great talent making Uplifting Trance. Now we present his last tune named 'Hurricane', which is a really good work that sounds strong and have a melody with good feelings. Also accompanying a very good Remix by one of our artists form our other label Mindlifting. He is 'Walid Adriano' and offers a great work, with a version of the track in his style, awesome Uplifting. So, don't miss the pack complete. Enjoy it!


Release Date:

May 14, 2018


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‘Tecnomind Music’ is an Electronic Music label specialized in Trance, founded in final 2013 by Jose Mª Jimenez, who have experience in this sector both as an artist and in the management of labels.


Although this project started with the sole aim of release tracks created by Tecnomind (the mentioned owner of it), now have the goal to feature other talented Artists in the Trance scene. Selecting the best quality tracks and driving them to the top.



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