A label specialized in Trance in wathever of its substyles and also acepting other kinds of Electronic Music as Chill Out or Progressive House.


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TMU012 (Alasis - Mentality)
TMM158 (Master Beat Projekt - Vision)
TMU011 (Masaru Hinaiji feat. kayumai - Snow Sings)
TMM157 (Puresoul - 3000 Miles , Dragonfly)
TMU010 (Artifi - Wish Me Well)
TMM156 (Sieber & Stavnstrup feat. Momo - Handle Me With Care (Marcell
TMU009 (Sunday 9pm - Lost)
TMM155 (Gregory Bakay - Spirit of Freedom , The Dream of Icarus)
TMU008 (Sublitrance - Beyond The Sky)
TMM154 (Aeron Komila - Promise)
TMU007 (Daniel Rigoni - My Passion)
TMM153 (Alex Sunders - Autumn Leaves)
TMU006 (Vivit - Another Day)
TMM152 (Saman Mehmani - Th1rte3n)
TMU005 (Dan R - The Glitch)
TMM151 (Sonalyis - Race Against The Wind)
TMM150 cover 3000x3000 pixels
TMU004 (Hiddeminside feat. Emarie - Your love for me)
TMM149 (Trancephile - The Waves Of The Sea)
TMU003 (Dawid Jurzyk - London At Night)
TMM148 (Tensile Force - Sylvia)
TMU002 (Masaru Hinaiji feat. Kayumai - Im Here, You Are There (Dub Mix
TMM147 (New Earth - The Future)
TMU001 (Chris Vandevelde - Costa del Sol)
TMM146 (Grande Piano - High Waves)
TMM145 (Dawid Jurzyk - Calima)
TMM144 (Puresoul - Heaven Within Us)
TMM143 (Nakhiya - Avalonia)
TMM142 (Precious Affliction - Up)
TMM141 (Rodri Santos - Aurora EP)
TMM140 (Puresoul - We Are One)
TMM139 (Mokzed - Walk On The Ocean)
TMM000 (Ascending Force - Energize)
TMM138 (Hiddeminside - Timeless)
TMM137 (Independent Art - Enigma)
TMM136 cover 3000x3000 pixels
TMM135 (Ahmed Walid - Eclipse)
TMM134 (Henry Caster - Living Voices)
TMM133 (Puresoul - Our Shelter)
TMM132 (Santiago Ibañez - Como es posible)
TMM131 (Daniel Rigoni - My voice)
TMM130 (Jarvith Bhaut Perz - No Way Out)
TMM129 (Sublitrance - Interaction)
TMM128 (Santiago Ibañez - Rros)
TMM127 (Final Flight - Gods Realm)
TMM126 (Sonalyis - Spring)
TMM125 (Catchfire - Reasons)
TMM124 (Ardashir - Skyline)
TMM123 (Kriztian Krooz - Lost Memories , Old Night)
TMM122 (Masaru Hinaiji feat. kayumai - I'm Here, You Are There)
TMM121 (Alhena - Overload (Andrew Fraid Remix))
TMM120 (Roonie - Gajanan)
TMM119 (Marc de Buur - Suntasia)
TMM118 (Zhiroc ft. Tashabu - Nothing To Love Anymore)
TMM117 (Christian C & Santiago Ibañez - Hope!! (Josh Pvoi Remix))
TMM116 (Jake Hanker - Elevation)
TMM115 (Edplacid Patiño & DJ Kël - Eternity)
TMM114 (David Surok - Magic Island)
TMM113 (The Hunter - Oh My God , The Cloud)
TMM112 (Benedict M & Ithur - Godzijdank)
TMM111 (Chris Vandevelde - Back to Yesterday)
TMM110 (Cj S.a.y. - Wind of changes)
TMM109 (Addliss - World Flow)
TMM108 (Marco Mc Neil - Influence)
TMM107 (In The Moonlight - Strangers)
TMM106 (Sieber & Stavnstrup feat. Momo - Handle Me With Care)
TMM105 (Andrew Fraid - The Key Of Life)
TMM104 (Euphoric Heart - Titania)
TMM103 (Max Freedom - Feelings , Vertex)
TMM102 (Alhena - A New Day EP)
TMM101 (LTM Pres. JEMZ - Phased Reality)
TMM100 (Tecnomind - Everything Comes Back)
TMM099 (Sanani - Pannonia)
TMM098 (Maduin - Isla , Eager)
TMM097 (ZEUS - A star is born)
TMM096 (Gregory Bakay - The Choices We Make , The Magic Of Life)
TMM095 (Hiddeminside feat. Emarie - In Heaven)
TMM094 (Ghost Seb - Independance Day)
TMM093 (Nakhiya - Thea Omega)
TMM092 (Aeolu5 - Time Traveler)
TMM091 (Puresoul - Dream Of You)
TMM090 (3RVIN - Lost Thread)
TMM089 (Aeron Komila - Homesick)
TMM088 (Warmonger - Supercontinuum)
TMM087 (Thirteen X - Phoenix)
TMM086 (Chris Vandevelde - The Dreamer)
TMM085 (Bibhu Prasad Samantray & Kaushik Valsur - Palisade)
TMM084 (AlexRusShev - Parade)
TMM083 (Anton By - Boom)
TMM082 (Josh Pvoi - My sky)
TMM081 cover 3000x3000 pixels
TMM080 (Ardashir - We will stand forever)
TMM079 (Zhiroc - Pulsating Hearts)
TMM078 (Miguel Angel Castellini - Forces For Victory)
TMM077 (Mehdi Bey - Hymn Of Algiers (MSOA 300 Anthem))
TMM076 (Precious Affliction - Winner of Heights)
TMM075 (Jarvith Bhaut Perz - Luz)
TMM074 (Andrew Fraid - Issana)
TMM073 (Chris Vandevelde - South America 2020)
TMM072 (Mehdi Bey - Time Traveler)

Mindlifting Records


Our first label functioning since 2011.



 Currently not accepting Demos.

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Check our Releases here

MLB010 (Sampler 006)
MLB009 (The Best of Tecnomind Music Vol. 3 (Special 150 Releases))
MLB008 cover 3000x3000 pixels
MLB007 (The Best of Tecnomind Music Vol. 2 (Special 100 Releases))
MLB006 (Sampler 004)
MLB005 (Lifting Mood Trance)
MLB004 (Sampler 003)
MLR0170 (Nakhiya - Alpha Aurigae)
MLR0169 (Precious Affliction & Stayer X - Spartacus)
MLB003 (The Best of Tecnomind Music (Special 50 Releases))
MLR0168 (ToShuk - Instead Of Time)
MLR0167 (Masaru Hinaiji - A Season Of Nostalgia)
MLB002 (Sampler 002)
MLR0166 (Max Freedom - The Stranger)
MLR0165 (Alex Nomak & Miguel Angel Castellini - Revival)
MLR0164 (DJ Dani - Roses In Fire)
MLR0163 (Ahmed Walid - Infinity , Shining In A Dark Night)
MLR0162 (Shane Infinity - Last Destination)
MLR0161 (Calvin O'Commor - Together)
MLB001 (Sampler 001)