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‘Tecnomind Music’ is an Electronic Music label specialized in Trance, founded in final 2013 and driven by a team of people whom have years of experience in this sector both as artists and in the management of labels.


This project has the goal to feature talented Artists in the Trance scene and also giving an opportunity to new talents. Selecting the best quality tracks and driving them to the top.


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The parent label is specialized in Trance, also special compilations with tracks by Various Artists.

TMM216 (Marco Mc Neil - Windstorm)
TMM215 (Daniel Rigoni - Divinity)
The best of Tecnomind 2022 (Free Download Edition)
TMM214 cover 3000x3000 pixels
TMM213 (Inner Heart - It's Not Too Late)
TMM212 (Roonie ft. T-Jay - Sara)
TMM211 (Masaru Hinaiji feat. Tsuku - It Must Be)
TMM210 (Fabrice - Running Free)
TMM209 (Lots of Talent Vol. 6)
TMM208 (Amir Rad - After the flood)
TMM207 (DJ Spacig - Hearts On Fire , Make Me Feel)
TMM206 (Fabrice - Outlander)
TMM205 (Master Beat Projekt - Universe)
TMM204 (N-Rider & Jacob Peeker - Yin Yang)
TMM203 (Marco Mc Neil - Everlast)
TMM202 (Master Beat Projekt - Vision (Hiddeminside Rmx)
TMM201 (Warmonger - Flying Colors)
TMM200 (Tecnomind - Adversity)
TMM199 cover 3000x3000 pixels
TMM198 (Sonalyis - Memories)
TMM197 (Precious Affliction - Yellow Dream)
TMM196 (Marco Mc Neil - Night Train)
TMM195 (Magic O.D.A & Hiddeminside - Our Wave)
TMM194 (Nakhiya - Palmera)
TMM193 (Masaru Hinaiji - Night Rain)
TMM192 (Tuncay Turan - Ayguci (RayD8 Remix))
TMM191 (Lots of Talent Vol. 4)
TMM190 (Jose Bumps - Intergalactic tourist)
TMM189 (Dan R - United Harmony)
TMM188 (Puresoul - Nebula)
TMM187 (The Hunter - Like a bear)
TMM186 (Sonalyis - Back In The 2000s)
TMM185 (Masaru Hinaiji - First Snow (Nikzad & Sina Remix))
TMM184 (Hiddeminside feat. Emarie - In Heaven (Puresoul Remixes))
TMM183 (Tecnomind's Best of the Year 2021)
TMM182 cover 3000x3000 pixels
cover 3000x3000 pixels
TMM181 cover 3000x3000 pixels
TMM180 (VicTone - Dreams can be true)
TMM179 (Puresoul - Dragonfly (Robert Reazon Remix))
TMM178 (Lot of Talent Vol. 3)
TMM177 (You3f - Morphine)
TMM176 (Jose Bumps - Wicked)
TMM175 (Marco Mc Neil - Daybreak)
TMM174 (Puresoul - Moment Of Glory)
TMM173 (Sonalyis - Long-Awaited Meeting , Sea Breeze)
TMM172 (Jose Bumps - Something to Remember)
TMM171 (Steve Byers - Lights in the Sky)
TMM170 (Lot of Talent Vol. 2)
TMM169 (Santiago Ibañez & C.A.S.S.T - Pursuit)
TMM168 (Puresoul - The Dark Side Of Love)
TMM167 (Lot of Talent Vol. 1)
TMM166 (Hiddeminside - Handling)
TMM165 (Warmonger - Valor)
TMM164 (Marco Mc Neil vs Schwoob - Firestarter)
TMM163 (The Hunter - UnderWave , Enjoy)
TMM162 (Artifi - Wish Me Well (Remixes)
TMM161 cover 3000x3000 pixels
TMM160 cover 3000x3000 pixels
TMM159 (Independent Art - Orbit , What's Left Behind)
TMM158 (Master Beat Projekt - Vision)
TMM157 (Puresoul - 3000 Miles , Dragonfly)
TMM156 (Sieber & Stavnstrup feat. Momo - Handle Me With Care (Marcell
TMM155 (Gregory Bakay - Spirit of Freedom , The Dream of Icarus)
TMM154 (Aeron Komila - Promise)
TMM153 (Alex Sunders - Autumn Leaves)
TMM152 (Saman Mehmani - Th1rte3n)
TMM151 (Sonalyis - Race Against The Wind)
TMM150 cover 3000x3000 pixels
TMM149 (Trancephile - The Waves Of The Sea)
TMM148 (Tensile Force - Sylvia)
TMM147 (New Earth - The Future)
TMM146 (Grande Piano - High Waves)
TMM145 (Dawid Jurzyk - Calima)
TMM144 (Puresoul - Heaven Within Us)
TMM143 (Nakhiya - Avalonia)
TMM142 (Precious Affliction - Up)
TMM141 (Rodri Santos - Aurora EP)
TMM140 (Puresoul - We Are One)
TMM139 (Mokzed - Walk On The Ocean)
TMM000 (Ascending Force - Energize)
TMM138 (Hiddeminside - Timeless)
TMM137 (Independent Art - Enigma)
TMM136 cover 3000x3000 pixels
TMM135 (Ahmed Walid - Eclipse)
TMM134 (Henry Caster - Living Voices)
TMM133 (Puresoul - Our Shelter)
TMM132 (Santiago Ibañez - Como es posible)
TMM131 (Daniel Rigoni - My voice)
TMM130 (Jarvith Bhaut Perz - No Way Out)
TMM129 (Sublitrance - Interaction)
TMM128 (Santiago Ibañez - Rros)
TMM127 (Final Flight - Gods Realm)
TMM126 (Sonalyis - Spring)
TMM125 (Catchfire - Reasons)
TMM124 (Ardashir - Skyline)
TMM123 (Kriztian Krooz - Lost Memories , Old Night)
TMM122 (Masaru Hinaiji feat. kayumai - I'm Here, You Are There)
TMM121 (Alhena - Overload (Andrew Fraid Remix))
TMM120 (Roonie - Gajanan)




Our new sublabel is aimed at fans who love Progressive sounds, all kinds of Trance and a few other genres, outside of Uplift.

TMA011 (Tuncay Turan - Umay)
TMA010 (Alexein Mohr - Constellation)
TMA009 (The Hunter - Follow the Moment)
TMA008 (Tecnomind & Kira B.M.J. - The meaning of life)
TMA007 (Juan Almiñana Obando - The Great Sound of the Thunder EP)
TMA006 (DJ Spacig - Christmas Songs EP)
TMA005 (Fabrice - Running Free (Hiddeminside Remix))
TMA004 (Freelife. - Dark Days)
TMA003 (Sergio Murillo - Bosque)
TMA002 (Master Beat Projekt - Change Your Life)
TMA001 (Puresoul - Summer 22)




This sublabel is 100% focused in the style of Uplifting Trance.

TMU117 (Nikos Geladis - Hyperspace Blow)
TMU116 (Lele Palmieri - The Big Bang)
TMU115 (Robert Reazon - Never)
TMU114 (Ahmed Walid - Falling)
TMU113 (Artifi - Route E)
TMU112 (Alphar - Sahara)
TMU111 (Asier - Discover)
TMU110 (Puresoul - Starfall (Artifi Remix))
TMU109 (Behrooz & Amir Rad - Tracing the Light)
TMU108 (Ahmed Walid - Crystal Eyes)
TMU107 (Artifi - Moonstone)
TMU106 (DJ Tranceair & Jason - Dynamica)
TMU105 (Marco Mc Neil - Curiosity)
TMU104 (Oscilater - Memories From Winter)
TMU103 (Masaru Hinaiji feat. kayumai - Toward the Horizon (Puresoul Re
TMU102 (Hiddeminside - Hera)
TMU101 (RUNOS - Outside of the World)
TMU100 (Tecnomind - We Are Energy)
TMU099 (Sonalyis - Never Land)
TMU098 (Mehran Vedadi - Edge of Time)
TMU097 (Artifi - The Remake of The Haunting)
TMU096 (Nakhiya - Atrium , Calista)
TMU095 (Puresoul - Starfall)
TMU094 (Masaru Hinaiji - All Alone , Eternal Rest)
TMU093 (Victor Special - Arc of Love)
TMU092 (Fabrice - Chucky)
TMU091 (Amir Rad - Permanent Euphoria)
TMU090 (Oliver Koolivand - Freedom)
TMU089 (Artifi - Exhausted)
TMU088 (Masaru Hinaiji feat. Amy - Freezing)
TMU087 (Freelife. & Willow Project - Flight)
TMU086 (Jose Bumps - Contra viento y marea)
TMU085 (CaDeR - Insane)
TMU084 (Erian - Breeze By The Shore)
TMU083 (Artifi - Triumph)
TMU082 (Oscilater - Midnight Dash)
TMU081 (Sublitrance - Elevate You)
TMU080 (Vince Blakk - The Continuum Space Rave Project)
TMU079 (Puresoul - Embracing Love)
TMU078 (Dan R - Into The Shallows)
TMU077 (Amir Rad - Circle of Consequences)
TMU076 (Sanani - Solferino)
TMU075 (Ahmed Walid - New Moon)
TMU074 (Kengo Hammer - Birds Flying Above The Sea , The Sun Will Rise
TMU073 (AKKO Producer - The Hope)
TMU072 (Masaru Hinaiji feat. kayumai - Toward The Horizon)
TMU071 (Amir Rad & Behrooz - There is no Hope)
TMU070 (DJ Frost - couragE)
TMU069 (Artifi - United Together (Ukraine))
TMU068 (Paul Elov8 Smith - Impulse)
TMU067 (Dj Xboy & Joorg Matt - Midnight)
TMU066 (Fabrice - Dark Hall)
TMU065 (Paul Elov8 Smith - Forever Love)
TMU064 (Masaru Hinaiji - Believe)
TMU063 (Puresoul - Uncharted Land (Zhiroc Remix))
TMU062 (Daniel Rigoni - New life (Gayax Remix))
TMU061 (Iberian - Life)
TMU060 (Masaru Hinaiji - Sakura Sings EP)
TMU059 (Artifi - Momentium)
TMU058 (Fabrice - Spider)
TMU057 (Dj Dani - Explore You)
TMU056 (Puresoul - Uncharted Land)
TMU055 (Artifi - Gyda Gras)
TMU054 (Amir Rad - Tehran)
TMU053 (Grande Piano - White Eagles)
TMU052 (Sonalyis & Jose Bumps - Teleport)
TMU051 (Inner Heart - Lets Run)
TMU050 (Tecnomind - Something Special)
TMU049 (Paul Elov8 Smith - Infinite)
TMU048 (Daniel Rigoni - New life)
TMU047 (Amir Rad - Threshold of Fantasy)
TMU046 (Matt Chavez - Struggle For Pleasure)
TMU045 (Sublitrance - Off Line)
TMU044 (Precious Affliction - Remember To U)
TMU043 (Amir Rad - Signs of Glee)
TMU042 (Grande Piano - Dragon)
TMU041 (Artifi - Euphoria)
TMU040 (Puresoul - The Dark Side Of Love (Skilsara Remix))
TMU039 (L1mixe - Angel Fall)
TMU038 (Catchfire - Magenta)
TMU037 (Kengo Hammer - Callisto)
TMU036 cover 3000x3000 pixels
TMU035 cover 3000x3000 pixels
TMU034 (Artifi - Run away)
TMU033 (Toregualto - Moderna)
TMU032 (Artifi - No going back)
TMU031 (Dan R - Lanzini)
TMU030 (Criostasis - The Last Voice In Silence)
TMU029 (Artifi - You And Me)
TMU028 (Amir Rad - Victorious)
TMU027 (Artifi - Dod yn)
TMU026 (Ahmed Walid - Up to The Sun)
TMU025 (Masaru Hinaiji - First Snow)
TMU024 (RJ Hernandez - Skyborne)
TMU023 (Artifi - Wait For Me (Remixes))
TMU022 (Artifi - The cursed , U - PHORIA)
TMU021 (Sieber & Stavnstrup - Ankh)
TMU020 (Masaru Hinaiji feat. kayumai - Unfulfilled Wish)
TMU019 (Drunk Breeze - Reminds Me Of You)
TMU018 (Life Explorer - Estelle's Labyrinth)