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Jose Bumps Monthly Sets

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RJ Hernandez

Tecnomind Best Of 2022

[Episode 03]

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1. Marco McNeil - Night Train (Original Mix)

2. Tuncay Turan - Ayguci (RayD8 Extended Remix)

3. Amir Rad & Behrooz - There Is No Hope (Original Mix)

4. Catchfire - Magenta (Last Soldier Remix)

5. Inner Heart - Let's Run (Kengo Hammer Remix)

6. Hiddeninside featuring Emarie - In Heaven (Puresoul Uplifting Remix)

7. Paul Elov8 Smith - Impulse (Artifi Ranging Club Mix)

8. Artifi - Euphoria (Original Mix)

9. Fabrice - Outlander (Original Mix)

10. Precious Affliction - Remember To You (Original Mix)

11. Sonalys & Jose Bumps - Teleport (Iberian Remix)

12. Iberian - Life (Amir Rad Remix)

13. Kengo Hammer - Callisto (R1TURAJ Remix)

14. Artifi - Momentium (Original Mix)

15. Jose Bumps - Intergalactic Tourist (Ahmed Walid Remix)

16. Puresoul - Uncharted Land (Zhiroc Remix)

17. Grande Piano - Dragon (Gayax Remix)

18. Fabrice - Dark Hall (Paul Elov8 Smith Remix)

19. Masaru Hinaiji - Believe (Original Mix)

20. Yushu - Serenity

The best of Tecnomind 2022

(Free Download Edition)

Mixed by Phil Langham


01 AMIR RAD & BEHROOZ - there is no hope

02 CATCHFIRE - magenta

03 PRECIOUS AFFLICTION - remember to u

04 IBERIAN - life (amir rad remix)

05 SONALYIS & JOSE BUMPS - teleport (iberian remix)

06 PURESOUL - uncharted land

07 AMIR RAD - signs of glee

08 MASARU HINAIJI - night rain (amir rad remix)

09 INNER HEART - lets run (kengo hammer remix)

10 ARTIFI - gyda gras

11 ARTIFI - euphoria

12 YUSHU - serenity

13 HIDDEMINSIDE ft EMARIE - in heaven (puresoul uplifting remix)

14 PAUL ELOV8 SMITH - impulse (artifi raging club mix)

15 MASARU HINAIJI - sakura sings

16 MASARU HINAIJI - believe

17 JOSE BUMPS - intergalactic tourist (ahmed walid remix)

18 ARTIFI - momentum

19 KENGO HAMMER - callisto (r1turaj remix)

20 FABRICE - dark hall (paul elov8 smith remix)

Phil Langham -

The best Uplifting in Tecnomind Labels (2021 Year Mix)

Alongside our Tecnomind 2021 Compilation comes this bonus track, mixed by Phil Langham, from the UK. An energetic uplifting mix, featuring some of our most Uplifting tracks from 2021. Running at 60 minutes, this mix manages to feature 15 tracks in a very compact and high octane mix. A perfect addition to our compilation release


01. Puresoul - Autumn Drops (Skilsara Extended Remix)

02. Masaru Hinaiji feat. Kayumai - Im Here, You Are There (Catchfire Remix)

03. Precious Affliction - Medieval Legend (Toregualto Rmx)

04. Masaru Hinaiji - First Snow (Last Soldier Remix)

05. Marco Mc Neil - Daybreak (Original Mix)

06. RJ Hernandez - Skyborne (Chris Lyf Remix)

07. Sieber & Stavnstrup feat. Momo - Handle Me With Care (Marcell Stone Remix)

08. Puresoul - Dragonfly (Robert Reazon Remix)

09. Puresoul - Autumn Drops (Original Mix)

10. New Earth - Eternity Of The World (Extended Mix)

11. RJ Hernandez - Skyborne (Twilight Colours Remix)

12. Sunday 9pm - Behind The Horizon (Club Mix)

13. Masaru Hinaiji feat. Kayumai - Snow Sings (Artifi Remix)

14. Sieber & Stavnstrup - Ankh (Sentiens Electrobe Remix)

15. Criostasis - The Last Voice In Silence (Original Mix)


Ascending Force - Energize

We are pleased to bring you once again a special release for download free which will not be in stores. This comes from ‘Ascending Force’ a German duo experienced and talented as DJs and producers, formed by ‘Female@Work’ and ‘Exxetter’. The track that they did is named ‘Energize’ and sounds awesome. We want give them a big impulse with this special release, and really wish that never lose the energy of life. Hopefully we can listen much more stuff from them in the future and they grow in the trance scene for many years, full support from Tecnomind Music 😉

For this time, download free and enjoy!


Or if you prefer, download separatelly:

Cover   -   3000x3000 or 300x300 pixels

MP3 or WAV

01. Ascending Force - Energize (Original Mix)

MP3 or WAV

02. Ascending Force - Energize (Short Mix)

Jose Bumps @ 10 Years Celebration of Electronics Hearts


01. Jose Bumps & Gayax - Here we are (Sunday 9pm's Orchestra Edit) [Tecnomind Music]

02. Miguel Angel Castellini & Jose Bumps - Timeless (Original Mix) [Tecnomind Music]

03. Liquid Dream - Story of a Dream (Fabrice Remix) [Aurora Melodies]

04. Sandro Mireno & Thornmail - Credo (Original Mix) [Abora Recordings]

05. Precious Affliction - Wholeness Stone (Euphoric Heart Remix) [Tecnomind Music]

06. Dmitriy Kuznetsov - Time to Dream (Original Mix) [Digital Euphoria Recordings]

07. Cyril Ryaz & Emoiryah - The Altar (Nadi Sunrise Extended Remix) [Masana Records]

08. David Surok - Memories of Spring (Alternate High Remix) [VERSE (Equinox)]

09. Sunset & Marcell Stone - One Way (Original Mix) [Edge One]

10. Aleksey Karpovich - Winter Sun (Sergey Salekhov Remix) [Delaforce Recordings]


Tecnomind - Trance is my life

Special 50 Releases of

Tecnomind Music

It’s time to celebrate the 50 Releases of Tecnomind Music, and again I’m glad to bring you something exclusively for free download (this will not be released at stores). For this special occasion, I used the name of the label which as you should know was my previous aka as producer. It is an uplifting trance tune named ‘Trance is my life’. This has a melody that reminds the good times of the real Trance, those times in which the enjoyment of good music was more important than fame, or other kinds of interests. This also comes with a great remix by ‘Dohko van Ally’, who release tracks with us since a lot of years, and this time did a really good work in a completely disinterested way for download free. He made something more in the style of nowadays and sounds very good.

And stay tuned to ‘Mindlifting Bundles’ because in this label we will release a special compilation, also for this event of the 50 Releases. This will include some of the best tracks of Tecnomind Music and more special stuff. And this one yes will be released at stores in June 28, 2019, so don’t miss this! For now, you can download free ‘Tecnomind - Trance is my life’ and remix, and we hope that you enjoy this. Just for finish this lines, I have to say thanks to all you for the acceptance of Tecnomind Music in this 50 releases. We will continue giving the best of ourselves, hopefully for much time more!


Or if you prefer, download separatelly:

Cover   -   3000x3000 or 300x300 pixels

MP3 or WAV

01. Tecnomind - Trance is my life (Original Mix)

MP3 or WAV

02. Tecnomind - Trance is my life (Radio Edit)

MP3 or WAV

03. Tecnomind - Trance is my life (Dohko van Ally Remix)

MP3 or WAV

04. Tecnomind - Trance is my life (Dohko van Ally Radio Edit)

Jose Bumps

Spain is what you really love

He decidido hacer mi propia versión del himno de España, ¡y está disponible para descargar gratis! (No estará en tiendas). Antes que nada comentar que la idea me la dio un video que hizo un youtuber en el que proponía un reto de hacer versiones del himno de España, se trata de este video:

Pero cuando yo lo vi ya era tarde, puesto que ya hacía meses que había publicado otro video con los resultados, pero aun así, me he decidido a hacerlo en cuanto tuve un poco de tiempo. Y es que me parece una muy buena iniciativa, incluso diría hasta necesario, tal y como están las cosas ultima mente en este país… Por ello además también está disponible para descargar el remix pack, por si alguien quiere hacer un remix, o más bien, su propia versión del himno. Incluso si alguien de fuera de España quiere hacerlo, por supuesto será bienvenido. Estaré encantado de compartir en la subpage ‘Download Free’ de y las redes sociales de Tecnomind Music cualquier versión que me quieran mandar en cualquier estilo de música electrónica a

Lo que yo he hecho es como si fuera un bootleg, pero no es exactamente eso. Básica mente he cogido mi último tema ‘Do what you really love’, tal cual esta, y le he cambiado las notas de la melodía principal por las del himno, dándole además una vuelta de tuerca a la melodía. Y algún que otro detalle más como cambiarle la guitarra eléctrica del tema original por una española, también con las notas del himno, y he llamado a esto ‘Spain is what you really love’. ¡Espero que os guste!


I have decided to make my own version of the anthem of Spain, and it is available to download for free! (It will not be in stores). First of all comment that a youtuber gave me the idea with a video in which he proposed a challenge to make versions of the Spanish anthem. And I think it's a very good initiative, I would even say it is necessary, as things are in this country... This is why it is also available to download the remix pack, in case someone wants to make a remix, or rather, his own version of the anthem. Even if someone from outside of Spain wants to do it, of course it will be welcome. I will be happy to share on the 'Download Free' subpage of and the Tecnomind Music social networks any version that you want to send me in any style of electronic music to

What I've done is like a bootleg, but it's not exactly that. Basically I have taken my last song 'Do what you really love', as it is, and I have changed the notes of the main melody for the hymn notes, also giving it a twist to the melody. And some other detail more like changing the electric guitar of the original tune for a Spanish guitar, also with the notes of the anthem, and I called this 'Spain is what you really love'.

I hope you like it!


Or if you prefer, download separatelly:

Cover   -   3000x3000 or 300x300 pixels

MP3 or WAV

01. Jose Bumps - Spain is what you really love (Original Mix)

MP3 or WAV

02. Jose Bumps - Spain is what you really love (Radio Edit)

Remix Pack

Guest Mix @ Electronics Hearts


01. Jake & Almo - Jugal (Original Mix) [Mindlifting Records]

02. Patrick Dreama & DJ Xquizit feat. OSITO - Ultraviolet (Original Mix) [Abora Recordings]

03. Jose Bumps - Forward (Original Mix) [Gert Records]

04. Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli - Save Me (Andres Sanchez Uplifting Remix) Not On Label (Andres Sanchez Self-released)

05. GeorD - Hurricane (Original Mix) [Tecnomind Music]

06. Aldo Henrycho feat. Thea Riley - Well Be Okay (Original Mix) [Abora Recordings]

07. Ram & Arctic Moon with Stine Grove - A Billion Stars Above (Extended Mix) [FSOE Recordings]

08. Dreamy feat Patty Simon - So You See Now (Original Mix) [Price Trance Records]

09. Alcyone Project - The Worldseeker (The Mechanic & Vindicator Emotional Remix) [VERSE Equinox]

10. Follow Focus - Synchronous Idle (Original Mix) [Digital Euphoria Recordings]

11. Ciro Visone - Modern Storm (EClipse Remix) [Delaforce Recordings]


Tecnomind Evolution Pack

20 Years making Music

I’m a nostalgic, sometimes I like to take my old collection of music and remember past and good times. The last time that I did it I recovered a treasure… The very first track that I made since I started producing!

Was in the year 1997, when I still had no idea about how make music but I was an Electronic Music lover. My friend ‘David Cuevas’, whit whom later I formed the duo “Dance 2 Work”, came to my home one day with a CD containing a software named ‘Dance Machine’. For those who don’t know it, this is a music production tool. Or maybe would be better say that is as a tool for learn to make music or a game with which you can compose Dance music using loops of percussions, kicks, bass melodies, voices, etc. which already are done. From this moment I knew how easy and fun is to make Dance music (not so much when I started learning to make my own melodies and loops with synthesizers and other more complex tools xD). So, the first one which I uploaded in soundcloud doesn't have much merit, but is special because was the first, and maybe this software is the culprit that I started to use some months later in 1998 others for make more professional music, and so till what I’m doing today.

Taking advantage that it's been 20 years of this already, it occurred to me; why not share with the world some of my unreleased tracks which almost nobody know? So, I decided to make this special pack for download free. The pack contains only a little part of all that I made since I started, and note that all included here are unreleased stuff, for more info about what I released you can check my discography here.


Or if you prefer, download separatelly:

Cover   -   3000x3000 or 300x300 pixels

MP3 or WAV

(1997) Dance 2 Work - The ultimate dance mission (My very first track, made with Dance Machine)

MP3 or WAV

(1998) Dance 2 Work - This is music (First Original melody made with synths)

MP3 or WAV

(1999) Tecnomind - Welcome to the new age

MP3 or WAV

(2000) Tecnomind - Kosmotravel

MP3 or WAV

(2001) Tecnomind - No hay marcha atrás (Singing my sister Rita)

MP3 or WAV

(2002) F. Tony Manero - Robodance (Tecnomind Rmx)

MP3 or WAV

(2002) Rmb - Spring (Tecnomind Rmx)

MP3 or WAV

(2002) Tecnomind - Connecting DJs

MP3 or WAV

(2002) Tecnomind - Hard style will never die

MP3 or WAV

(2002) Tecnomind - Kosmotravel Parte 2

MP3 or WAV

(2002) Tecnomind - The face of darkness

MP3 or WAV

(2003) Tecnomind - Into my world

MP3 or WAV

(2003) Tecnomind - Obsessions

MP3 or WAV

(2004) Tecnomind - Chase your dream

MP3 or WAV

(2004) Tecnomind - The Trip

MP3 or WAV

(2005) Tecnomind - Armónico (First Version)

MP3 or WAV

(2006) Jm - Gong

MP3 or WAV

(2008) Kings Of Groove Ft. Andrea Love - Body & soul (Tecnomind Remix)

MP3 or WAV

(2008) Tecnomind - Armonico (DJ Peryko Progressive Break Remix 2008)

MP3 or WAV

(2010) Just Luis - You need me (Tecnomind Remix) (Kol dodi base)

MP3 or WAV

(2011) Akku - 1 Reason for live (Tecnomind Remix)

MP3 or WAV

(2012) Imperfect Hope - No more words (Tecnomind Remix)

Mindlifting Records Release number 100

Mindlifting Records is celebrating that we reach the 100 Releases! And what better way to do it that giving a gift to you, all our followers, fans, friends and DJs around the world. We launch a release which will NOT be at stores as habitual, this is exclusively for DOWNLOAD FREE and if you wish you can share the download link in the way you want. In this page is where you can listen it and download. This special release includes a new Uplifting Trance tune named “Still Alive” in Original and Radio versions. The owner of this label is who modestly made the track for give away. Usually produces with the aka “Tecnomind” but this time did it below the new aka “Mindlifting”, as already did one year ago. And as the real protagonists are the artists of the label, the release also includes a set of one hour of duration with our 10 most successful tracks in our last 50 releases. This is the Tracklist of the set:

01. DJ Deraven present Amalia - Love is an Ocean (Original Mix)

02. Precious Affliction - Another Earth (Original Mix)

03. Oliver Cattley - The reef (Original Mix)

04. Jake & Almo - I am (Original Mix)

05. Soldyjer - Illusions (Original Mix)

06. Independent Art - Missing Time (Original Mix)

07. DJ Jhonny Vergel - Believe in Him (Original Mix)

08. Tarvali & VEIZO - Naira (Original Mix)

09. Outfade - Fallback (Original Mix)

10. Martin Tyler - Afterglow (Original Mix)

So, we hope that you enjoy of this special pack, and don’t miss our next release, which will be the reference MLR0100 in the habitual stores, because this will come with the remixes of “Still Alive” by 4 of our best artists. More details soon. Stay tuned!


Or if you prefer, download separatelly:

Cover   -   3000x3000 or 300x300 pixels

MP3 or WAV

01. Mindlifting - Still Alive (Original Mix)

MP3 or WAV

02. Mindlifting - Still Alive (Radio Edit)

MP3 or WAV

03. Mindlifting - Bonus 1 Hour Set (The Bests of the Last 50)

Guest Mix @ V Sessions Worldwide


01. Geert Huinink & Mike van Fabio - The kingdom (Intro Mix) [Abora Recordings]

02. Global Influence - Depth of my dreams (Original Mix) [Blue Soho Recordings]

03. Ataraxia - Hydrostatic (C-Project Remix) [Pulsar Recordings]

04. Joseph Ali - Lonely (Tranceangel Emotional Remix) [Linger Records]

05. Shayan Badri - Beyond the sense of life (Dreamy Remix) [Equinox Recordings]

06. ASKII - Fading lights (Akku Remix) [Linger Records]

07. New World - Fields of La Tourette (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars Records]

08. Etasonic - Unrealized dream (Original Mix) [Airstorm Recordings]

09. Simon O'Shine & Adam Navel - Marathon (Simon O'Shine Mix) [Trance All-Stars Records]

10. Sergey Nevone & Simon O'Shine - Apprehension (Aly & Fila Mix) [Defcon Recordings]


Guest Mix @ Trancendance Sessions


01. Cate Kanell & Adrianraz - Into the light (First Effect Radio Edit) [Adrian Raz Recordings]

02. Zirenz - Chased by the sun (Ian Standerwick Thumpn Dub Remix) [Afterworld Recordings]

03. Dreamy & Ikerya Project - Life of emotions (Gelardi Remix) [Abora Recordings]

04. LekSin - A way between two worlds (Swilow Remix) [Linger Records]

05. Sarah Russell & Philippe el Sisi - You are (Philippe el Sisi Radio Edit) [Adrian Raz Recordings]

06. Sungarden - What a day (Original Mix) [Trance4live Records]

07. Ihor Mihal - Afield (Original Mix) [Pulsar Recordings]

08. French Skies - Across The World (Original Mix) [Pulsar Recordings]

09. Udm - Galactica (Original Mix) [Entrance Music]

10. Tecnomind - Unstoppable (Original Mix) [Tecnomind Music]


Guest Mix @ AWOT pres. Digital Playground


01. Dash Berlin feat. Shanokee - Surrender (Arctic Moon Remix) [Armada Music Bundles]

02. C-Systems feat. Hanna Finsen - Leading destiny (Original Mix) [Unearthed Records]

03. Abandoned Rainbow - Till last sunset (Original Mix) [Nile Tunes Recordings]

04. Tecnomind - Infinite ways (Original Mix) [Linger Records]

05. Deathmind & Choval - The core (Estigma Remix) [Diverted Music]

06. Reorder - Your secret desires (Ikerya Project Remix) [Edge EDM Records]

07. Cosmic Heaven - Taste of love (Martin Libsen Remix) [Linger Records]

08. Physical Phase - Not all of this (Anthony Beckett Remix) [Equinox Recordings]

09. Sy Gardner - Uprising (Estigma Remix) [Discover White Label]

10. Arctic Moon & Paul Webster - Valhalla (Adam Ellis Remix) [Future Sound of Egypt]