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‘Tecnomind Music’ is an Electronic Music label specialized in Trance, founded in final 2013 and driven by a team of people whom have years of experience in this sector both as artists and in the management of labels.


This project has the goal to feature talented Artists in the Trance scene and also giving an opportunity to new talents. Selecting the best quality tracks and driving them to the top.


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Henry Caster - Living Voices

A new artist debuts in Tecnomind Music, his name is ‘Henry Caster’, is a talented newcomer producer and already has a lot of releases in the music market this year. His main style is melodic trance with soft bases, and he came to us with a very good track named ‘Living Voices’. The melody is full of positive energy and all the track is nice to hear, so is a great work that deserves your attention. Don’t miss this, enjoy!

Release Date:

November 6, 2020

Ahmed Walid - Eclipse

‘Ahmed Walid’ comes again to Tecnomind Music with another of his awesome uplifting trance works, this is named ‘Eclipse’. This is totally in the line of all the tracks that this artist is used to do, and which is working quite well: a melody transmitting good vibes and an uplifting base of great strength. The release comes with a remix by another of our greatest artists, ‘Christian C’. He also did an amazing work in uplifting trance style of a great quality. We totally love how sounds both original and remix, and for sure them will delight you too. Here you have a very recommended and 100% uplifting release that you can’t miss complete. Enjoy it!

Release Date:

November 6, 2020

Santiago Ibañez - Just Time

‘Santiago Ibañez’ shows one more time the great talent he has producing authentic gems of the trance music, and in Tecnomind Music we are very glad for it because all that he makes sounds amazing. The last tune that sent us is named ‘Just Time’, with a progressive color this track incorporates various melodic and harmonic elements, accompanied by digital and epic sounds. Is definitely, and as always, a work of stunning quality, totally recommended for those who prefers a softer style into the trance genre. You can’t miss this release, enjoy!

Release Date:

November 13, 2020

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