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Puresoul -

Moment Of Glory

‘Puresoul’ continue proving that he is one of the best artists in Tecnomind Music producing whatever style, also being currently very active, and for all this we are always so glad to work with him. This time we proudly present another of his tunes with a progressive perspective, this is named ‘Moment Of Glory’. For sure you will love it as all that he makes, since the characteristic melancholic melodies of this artist never disappoint. The release is completed with 2 amazing remixes coming from artists debuting in our labels, whom we are proud to welcome: ‘RayD8’ and ‘Sygma’. Both them did also progressive trance versions and each one with a different touch, so is a very interesting pack with all great quality tracks. Of course, is 100% recommended the complete release. Don’t miss this and enjoy!

Release Date:

October 22, 2021

Marco Mc Neil - Daybreak

‘Marco Mc Neil’ is without doubt one of our favourite artists in the style Tech. Trance, also being of course one of the bests in our labels and we are glad that is working habitually with us. Now we are very proud to present another of his tunes through Tecnomind Music, this is named ‘Daybreak’. As all that he produces, this has a really energic melody and a base of awesome strength, but what we really love is that also has an uplifting touch. We are totally sure this is going to suit both uplifting and tech trance lovers, and is a really quality work so is a 100% recommended one. You can’t miss this, enjoy!

Release Date:

October 29, 2021