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‘Tecnomind Music’ is an Electronic Music label specialized in Trance, founded in final 2013 and driven by a team of people whom have years of experience in this sector both as artists and in the management of labels.


This project has the goal to feature talented Artists in the Trance scene and also giving an opportunity to new talents. Selecting the best quality tracks and driving them to the top.


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Chris Vandevelde - Costa del Sol

Is time to present the first release of our new project Tecnomind Uflifting, and this comes from one of our habitual artists and also a partner of the Tecnomind Music team, ‘Chris Vandevelde’. Although he usually works in classic trance style, this time delight us with something of an uplifting colour. The track is named ‘Costa del Sol’ and sounds awesome, we specially love the principal melody that conveys great energy. Also, the release includes a remix by one of our best artists. He is ‘Marco Mc Neil’, and did an amazing techlifting trance version of stunning quality, and we absolutely love it. The full pack is very recommended, and we think it is perfect to be the beginning of this new project, for which we augur a great success. So, you can’t miss this complete. Enjoy!

Release Date:

January 22, 2021

New Earth - The Future

We are pleased to bring you a new track by ‘New Earth’, he is a very good producer in the trance scene who already released a remix with us through Mindlifting Bundles and now is debuting in Tecnomind Music. He did an amazing tune named ‘The Future’, this has the same vibes that the classics of trance, in this epoque in which all trance lovers were sure that this style was the future of electronic music, and we still believe it. That’s the why we love this track, and for sure also will delight to you. This is a great work very recommended and you can’t miss this. Enjoy!

Release Date:

January 29, 2021

Masaru Hinaiji feat. Kayumai -

Im Here, You Are There

(Dub Mix / Catchfire Remix)

We are proud to present the second release of Tecnomind Uplifting, this consists of 2 new versions for one of our favourite tunes in Tecnomid Music: ‘Masaru Hinaiji feat. Kayumai - Im Here, You Are There’. The first one is a dub version, which some of you wanted to get, and we are pleased to bring you this now. Also, an amazing work by ‘Catchfire’. He is becoming already one of our best artists with his previous release, and this remix confirms the great professionality he has producing uplifting trance of stunning quality. Definitely, this is a 100% recommended release which you can’t miss complete. Enjoy!

Release Date:

January 29, 2021

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