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Ghost Seb - Independance Day

We are pleased to present a new artist in Tecnomind Music named ‘Ghost Seb’. He is a talented newcomer producer and we bring you his second release in the trance scene. The name of the track is ‘Independance Day’, created to celebrate 100-th anniversary of polish independence. This has emotional meaning to the artist, and for sure, also to all the trance lovers in Poland, so 100% recommended for them. We specially loved the melody transmitting positive energy, and overall sounds very good, so we hope you will like. You can’t miss this, enjoy!

Release Date:

April 17, 2020

Hiddeminside feat. Emarie - In Heaven

We are proud to present in Tecnomind Music to ‘Hiddeminside’ from Madrid, Spain who came to us with an amazing vocal uplifting tune. He joined to ‘Emarie’, a very professional singer, and as result, we bring to you this track named ‘In Heaven’. This is a production of an exceptional quality that sounds really strength, and definitely, can be big in the scene. We loved the euphoric melody since sounds like the old school of trance and the vocals becomes it even better. Undoubtedly, this is one of our favorite tracks in the label, and we are totally sure that you will love it, so is a release 100% recommended. You can’t miss this, enjoy!

Release Date:

April 17, 2020

Gregory Bakay -

The Choices We Make / The Magic Of Life

‘Gregory Bakay’ is the new artist in Tecnomind Music. He is a talented trance producer from Hungary, also experienced in composition of soundtracks for films, videogames, etc. This one is another of the releases we rescue from the closed label AlYf Recordings, so thanks once again to Yves for brings this to us. The pack contains 2 trance tracks: ‘The Choices We Make / The Magic Of Life’, the first one is a bit more obscure and the second more emotional, both with very good melodies and all sounds great. So, you can’t miss this release complete, enjoy!

Release Date:

April 24, 2020

ZEUS - A star is born

Now we are proud to bring back in the trance scene to ‘ZEUS’, an artist with whom I had the pleasure to collaborate years ago, and is remarkable how improved his sound. He did an absolutely amazing uplifting trance tune named ‘A star is born’, this has an exceptional quality and we can say for sure that this is another of our favorite tracks in the label and is exactly the kind of music we love to work with. The breakdown is simply amazing with emotional piano melodies and a lot of beautiful elements, but the best is the awesome strong of the base, we are totally sure that you will love it. And this comes once again with a remix by myself ‘Jose Bumps’, it is also uplifting of a great strength, I completely changed the breakdown adding new piano melodies and elements but respecting the main melody, I humbly hope you like it. The release is 100% recommended, so you can’t miss this complete. Enjoy!

Release Date:

April 24, 2020

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‘Tecnomind Music’ is an Electronic Music label specialized in Trance, founded in final 2013 and driven by a team of people whom have years of experience in this sector both as artists and in the management of labels.


This project has the goal to feature talented Artists in the Trance scene and also giving an opportunity to new talents. Selecting the best quality tracks and driving them to the top.


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As usual in this kind of events, we are preparing something big for you. Our best artists are working for make some brand new and stunning remixes of tracks that already was released in Tecnomind Music. This is just an advance of what is coming...

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