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‘Tecnomind Music’ is an Electronic Music label specialized in Trance, founded in final 2013 and driven by a team of people whom have years of experience in this sector both as artists and in the management of labels.


This project has the goal to feature talented Artists in the Trance scene and also giving an opportunity to new talents. Selecting the best quality tracks and driving them to the top.


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The Best of Tecnomind Music Vol. 3 (Special 150 Releases)

Incl. 22 of our Best Tracks

+ 1 hour Set

Promo Mix

Release Date: 2021-02-26

Mindlifting Bundes

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Puresoul -

3000 Miles / Dragonfly

One of our habituals, “Puresoul”, continues doing stunning works besides being top in Tecnomind Music, and we are really happy with this because he is one of our favourite artists. Here we proudly bring to you an ep including 2 of his original tunes: ‘3000 Miles / Dragonfly’, each one in different styles. The first of them shows us the calmer side of the artist, is progressive trance with a soft base, peaceful melody and a beautiful atmosphere with awesome vocals that will delight you. The second is a more energic trance and with a style bit different to what we heard before from him, but this has an amazing breakdown and euphoric main part, and we totally love it. The whole pack is a very recommended one with all the tracks of awesome quality, so you can’t miss this complete. Enjoy!

Release Date:

April 23, 2021

Masaru Hinaiji

feat. Kayumai -

Snow Sings

We are proud to present in Tecnomind Uplifting a new vocal tune in uplifting trance style by ‘Masaru Hinaiji feat. Kayumai’, this perfect tandem did again a masterpiece of emotions and amazing sounds. The tune is named 'Snow Sings', combines beautiful and melancholic vocals with the euphoric and strong production, and once again shows us the big talent of both artists. We absolutely love this, as all that they do, and we are sure that it can become a top track in the label. And for complete the release, a stunning remix by one of our best producers, ‘Artifi’, who did a work of quality as habitual and with a high probability of becoming a top track. So, the whole pack is 100% recommended, since all the tracks has awesome quality. You can’t miss this, enjoy!

Release Date:

April 23, 2021

Master Beat Projekt - Vision

‘Master Beat Projekt’ was recently introduced in our family of labels through the last Sampler of Mindlifting Bundles, now we have the pleasure to bring you a single from him in Tecnomind Music. He is a very talented producer from Germany, a multifaceted artist in much styles of the electronic music. As you can check, this new tune is in a style quite different from the previous that we presented by him. It is named ‘Vision’, is a quality trance track in which what we like most is the melody. Sounds awesome, so you can’t miss this one. Enjoy!

Release Date:

April 30, 2021

Alasis - Mentality

We are pleased to present a newcomer artist. His name is ‘Alasis’, a very talented producer from Mexico capable to make amazing uplifting tracks, and already counts with some releases in various labels of the scene since the last year. Now he debuts in Tecnomind Uplifting with a really stunning work named ‘Mentality’, is just the kind of uplifting which we absolutely love, and we have to say that the quality of it amazed us, being one of his first releases. The melody sound awesome and has great strength. Definitely we can augur a great future for this artist if he continues working. So, here you have a 100% recommended release which you can’t miss. Enjoy!

Release Date:

April 30, 2021