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Phil Langham

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2021 Year Mix


Alongside our Tecnomind 2021 Compilation comes this bonus track, mixed by Phil Langham, from the UK. An energetic uplifting mix, featuring some of our most Uplifting tracks from 2021. Running at 60 minutes, this mix manages to feature 15 tracks in a very compact and high octane mix. A perfect addition to our compilation release

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Marco Mc Neil - Night Train

Once again, Marco McNeil, arrives at Tecnomind with this gritty uplifter called Night Train, named after a toy train that his baby loves to play with ! A driving low bassline starts the ride, travelling through low acidic sounds until we arrive at the momentus breakdown ! Like his previous works, this has his trademark techy touch to it and is a real whopper of a track for those who like an edge to their uplifting vibes ! So don't miss the train, get out there and get your copy before it departs !

Release Date:

May 20, 2022


Precious Affliction -

Yellow Dream

Precious Affliction is keeping busy on our labels, not only for the outstanding quality of the productions but also because of the success in making the tracks so appealing ! Here is 'Yellow Dream’, which is perfect because it has all the elements that the Melodic trance lovers crave for. The energetic melodies are delivered in a slightly Progressive uplifting style that features haunting vocals on the break and we are totally sure that it will amaze you. We definitely think this can become a top track, so check it up and grab your copy in your favourite store!

Release Date:

May 27, 2022