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Masaru Hinaiji

feat. kayumai -

Unfulfilled Wish

We are proud to present once again in Tecnomind Uplifting a new vocal tune by one of our favourite formations, ‘Masaru Hinaiji feat. kayumai’. This time it is also one of the tunes that we like most of all that we heard from them. Its name is ‘Unfulfilled Wish’, is an uplifting trance of awesome quality and we specially loved the melody. She also sings amazing transmitting pure feelings and melancholy, and definitely all in the track is a stunning work. The release comes with 2 amazing remixes by: On one side myself, ‘Jose Bumps’, I was really pleased to remix this tune and truly think that the result is magnificent, being honest the quality of my own productions improved considerably with this one. And also ‘N-sKing’ who we proudly welcome to our labels, he is a talented producer of the trance scene who make uplifting stuff of stunning quality. He did a version of the track with another perspective of the melody that we absolutely love. We are sure that the whole pack will perfectly fit with the uplifting lovers and all the tracks included are quality works, so is a 100% recommended one. You can’t miss the complete release, enjoy!

Release Date:

June 25, 2021

Sieber & Stavnstrup - Ankh

The duo ‘Sieber & Stavnstrup’ is between the best artists of our main label, now we are very proud to present their first tune through Tecnomind Uplifting. Its name is ‘Ankh’, making reference to the Egyptian hieroglyph meaning "life". This is undoubtedly the one that we like most of the tracks we released from these artists, since is the style that we absolutely love. Not only that, but also this has all the indications to become one of our top releases this year. To complete it we count with 3 stunning remixes by new artists in our labels whom we proudly welcome: ‘Amir Rad’, ‘LR Uplift’ and ‘Sentien’. All them are really important producers in the trance scene, and they did each one a work of a remarkable quality, giving a great boost to a tune which is already amazing. So, the whole pack is 100% recommended with all the tracks of maximum quality. Don’t miss the complete release, enjoy!

Release Date:

July 2, 2021