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Artifi - You And Me

‘Artifi’ is being in this moment the most active of our artists, and certainly is also a top producer of great success, because the quality of all his stuff is outstanding. We are very glad of this and proudly present now a new tune from him, this is named ‘You And Me’. It is in his most pure uplifting style, with nice vocals that make it even more captivating. Also, the melody that he made is euphoric, as is lately usual in him, and we absolutely love it. For sure this also will delight to you, so is definitely another 100% recommended release that you can’t miss. Enjoy it!

Release Date:

October 22, 2021

Criostasis -

The Last Voice In Silence

We are proud to present in Tecnomind Uplifting to our new signing, ‘Criostasis’. He is a top producer from Poland with a lot of releases, some of them in the most important labels worldwide, and also driving his own label. His style goes from Hard Dance/Trance to Uplifting, and all that he makes is in an outstanding quality. The uplifting trance tune that he brings us is named ‘The Last Voice In Silence’, this has an awesome energy and we absolutely love the melody. Definitely this is one of our favourite releases in this year till now, and is potentially possible that become in one of the top tracks in our labels. So, is 100% recommended and you can’t miss this, enjoy!

Release Date:

October 29, 2021